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Tribhuvan University Office of Controller of Examination is planning to launch online mark sheet viewing facility

image by google search
As an oldest university of Nepal, TU has been educating the nation since its establishment. But now with overwhelming political disputes and politicialization leads this university to defective administration.  Since we've already known that TU has its official website but it doesn't provide all the notice, update and recent activities and changes through its web facility, rather students should visit other educational website like edusanjal . We can view TU website that it has not been updated during one year.

In this circumstance TU official are planning to provide online mark sheet viewing facility for its student, the educational site Edusanjal has mentioned that they have been preparing for this service and maintaining their server, but the TU       ( Office of the controller of examination) hasn't conformed the date from when this facility will be on hand . Till now student should wait 10 to 15 days to know their score, after launching this service student will be facilitated.

May TU (office of the controller of examination) launch online mark sheet viewing facility soon, and student may not wait that long with their curious mind.

As for now TU has recently provide a SMS service to its students to view their marks. The marks will be according to the subject code as mentioned in the syllabus. Student can know their marks with following method.

To view the result

1.Go to your  mobile messagebox
2. Type BBS (space) Symbol no.
3. Send it to 4949

For example:
BBS 12345678  (and send it to 4949)

As mentioned above you shouldn't mention the year like BBS2nd or other stuff, because it automatically fetch the current result and provide you the result, so go for it. Thank you TU for making it possible ...

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