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How to solve the problem that can't start w3af while upgrading kernel for enabling b43 drivers in backtrack 5

As I became more on backtrak linux, the more sophisticated became my problem was. It's too hard to solve any problem in backtrack for those user who're completely unknown about exact what the problem is.  Sometimes it makes user frustrate because they're googeling for many hours for a single reason.

As we know that we most of user are new to backtrack, and they don't know what to do? Today I'm going to discuss about the problem that arises in backtrack 5, while upgrading and preparing kernel sources while installing and enabling b43 wireless driver to work with most injection like aircrack, wpa crack with reaver etc. As i tried to get ( apt- get dist-upgrade) I found the error. from my short investigation I found the solution to this upgrading problem with w3af and python.

You can manually do it by downloading w3af and putting it into the directory (root//pentest/web/w3af) by deleting the original w3af folder

 After doing that your error on upgrading will be resolved, otherwise you can follow this link to get rid from this problem.

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