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Chatwing a free live chat widget for blogger, website or any web page

Communication Leverage through Chatwing Chat Box

Everyone knows how important communication is. Without proper means of communication, people will always be in the dark and there will be no real signs of progress. In the business world, for example, communication is important for transactions. A small failure in communicating results in huge business setbacks. When it comes to communication efficiency, the Chatwing chat software is an application that can be used by everyone. This chat tool is embeddable and allows easy information relay for any blog or website.

Like any chat tool, Chatwing is all about visitors communicating with each other in a specific niche. The activity of chat tools depend on the popularity of the host website and niche. However, Chatwing elevates the standard of the chat tool in terms of efficiency, accessibility, and modification options. According to many bloggers who have used Chatwing app, the actual installation time takes only seconds to finish—the real fun lies in the customization process. In the account dashboard, registered users can gain access to Chatwing’s selection of color schemes. These color schemes can be tweaked according to purpose or niche of the website.

If a user doesn’t like to change colors too much, he can choose from the chatroom’s background images. These images are pre-designed and they are mixtures of different hues. Currently, there are 1000 background images to choose from. Accessibility in the chatroom doesn’t fall short—visitors can choose to log in with their Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Yahoo accounts. It depends on the login methods allowed by the admin in the chat software. Chatwing also features a simple banning system in just few clicks. Users can even set how long the visitors of the chat box can be banned.

With Chatwing’s useful and customizable chat app, anyone can have an interesting communication experience. As an added bonus, Chatwing chat software can improve the online visibility of a blog or website. Simply put, the Chatwing chat app is a professional solution that can be used in any online purposes.

 This post is originally written and prepared by aaron@chatwing.com for howtoearth.com. I personally want to thank him/her for the time and contribution made to prepare this post.

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  1. I accidentally came across inside , and after looking through their site www.inside.tm/magento-chat, it morphs a business website into a virtual storefront so business personnel can see and help their site visitors in real-time using chat.


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