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Top Nepali Novel of All time That you must read

Top Nepali Novel That you must Read and Experience in your life time.

There are thousand of  novels to read. But all we couldn't because of limited time, limited budget, limited resources etc. Besides all this constraint there are small amount of novel that you must read, and you mustn't miss them because they have created lovely, beautifully, their subject matter are great, Such piece of novel really goanna inspire your mind, body not even that it'll touch your heart. So I suggest you to read those book which I'm goanna  describe, which are written so pleasantly by great Nepali writers. And don't forget that they are not like a Nepali movies, They are just great and strong one.

So here are the list of 10 (Ten Nepali Novel) that you must experience in your life:

 1. Sumnima सुम्निना By B.P Koirla ( It has the great subject matter which deals with the life of One Brahman, who wasted his all life on patience, by killing his heart and need, but can't get rid from the love which  was in his heart called Sumina. It's just the great ………..)

2. Shirish Ko Ful शिरिषको फुल By Parijat : (The best love story ever....)

3. Aalikhit अलिखित By Dhurba Chandra Gautam ( It deals with this modern time on which all goanna die on the lake of wealth.)

4. Madhabi माधवी By Madan Mani Dikchit

5. Pagal Basti पागल बस्ती By Sarubhakta.( It's about one faith, something beyond imagination and place its root at an non existed place  of Nepal and satire the society in it's drawbacks beautifully.)

6. Gham Ka Paila घामका पाईलाहरु: By DHA. CHA. Gotame ( One of the best Novel describing the lifestyle of one small city, of one middleclass family , presented the society greatly, It compare the life with Rail and our environment with Rail Station. With a beautiful love story)

7. Aagat आगत By Bhawani Vicchu.

8. Sakash सकस (new one) By Jagadhis Ghimire

9.Seto Bagh सेतो बाघ By Diamond Samser Rana

10. Palpasa Café By Narayan Wagle. ( this novel becomes most influencing novel in Nepali literature which changed the view of reader on Nepalese novel )

1 comment:

  1. no diamond shamsher books......his books are must read too


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