Outsourcing in Developing Countries Like Nepal | Opportunity & Threat

Outsourcing Opportunity and Challenge for Small Business

Outsourcing refers that you're dispensing your business task to accomplish by someone else. Outsourcing has been a big deal for every business and it has widened the business platform too. Outsourcing becomes a spacious business opportunity not only for the business but for the outsourcing company too. That's why within short period of time Outsourcing has influenced the world economy. Especially the trend of depending on outsourced technological solution has constructively enveloped among the business, within this decade.

Like the two wings of bird, the opportunity and challenge of outsourcing comes simultaneously. The first thing that business should always keep in mind is their objectives and how outsourcing can help them to achieve it. Although almost everything of business can be outsourced, business should analyzed which part of their task should be outsourced and how much effectiveness does it creates. No business runs without the use of information technology, you may need your custom business website,web application, and shopping site to maintain online transaction, internal software to handle inventory, payroll and managerial efficiency. There are great advantages of outsourcing such project because this reduces your cost and increase flexibility and efficiency at the same time. However it has been a debatable issue sometimes but most of effectively planned outsourced IT project helps business to catch the opportunities. The main advantage of outsourcing IT projects includes:

Quotes from Nepali Novel "Antarmanko Yatra" by Jagadish Ghimire

Jagadish Ghimire was one of the legendary author of Nepal. During his life he had influenced everyone through his pen. He had speared the ink for more than ten books including story, play and novel. From the bulk of his creation the most recent novels "Sakash" and "Antarman Ko Yatara" have been most successful to manipulate readers mind.

"Antarman Ko Yatra" (Journey to the soul: A Soliloquy) is the reflection of his own tranquil depth. In this novel he has concluded all the beautiful and dark glimpses of epic journey of life. This novel is the interpretation of writer's own life from a broad perspective.  Until this time no one has ever been successful to manifest the meaning of human life in such a way, he has presented and elaborated in this anti memories novel. No one should miss the opportunity to understand one's own life which this novel has offered for free. There is no word to describe how beautifully he has chosen the words. In the book of total 316 pages, you may not feel any anxiety while reading this book.

There are some best quotes which have made this novel even sparkling. People who bother to read the whole book may enjoy Ghimire's writing through these quotes.