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Tribhuvan University Office of Controller of Examination is planning to launch online mark sheet viewing facility

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As an oldest university of Nepal, TU has been educating the nation since its establishment. But now with overwhelming political disputes and politicialization leads this university to defective administration.  Since we've already known that TU has its official website but it doesn't provide all the notice, update and recent activities and changes through its web facility, rather students should visit other educational website like edusanjal . We can view TU website that it has not been updated during one year.

In this circumstance TU official are planning to provide online mark sheet viewing facility for its student, the educational site Edusanjal has mentioned that they have been preparing for this service and maintaining their server, but the TU       ( Office of the controller of examination) hasn't conformed the date from when this facility will be on hand . Till now student should wait 10 to 15 days to know their score, after launching this service student will be facilitated.

May TU (office of the controller of examination) launch online mark sheet viewing facility soon, and student may not wait that long with their curious mind.

As for now TU has recently provide a SMS service to its students to view their marks. The marks will be according to the subject code as mentioned in the syllabus. Student can know their marks with following method.

To view the result

1.Go to your  mobile messagebox
2. Type BBS (space) Symbol no.
3. Send it to 4949

For example:
BBS 12345678  (and send it to 4949)

As mentioned above you shouldn't mention the year like BBS2nd or other stuff, because it automatically fetch the current result and provide you the result, so go for it. Thank you TU for making it possible ...

Does Tribhuvan University really want to ruin the future of its student?

image by Google
Tribhuvan University is one of the oldest and most trusted universities in Nepal, since it provides education to 2/3 of total student in Nepal. Everyone finds it is valuable to study in TU rather than going to other university.

But today question is that is TU really working in such manner as it used to be? And the answer is No. Exactly the answer is no, because the politicialization in education leads this university to corruption.
As I always wanted to write in this topic, but the day wasn’t come, and finally today its came that one of my friend come to me saying that he lost his exam that was going up from today. I asked him that why you’ve lost your exam. He said that according to the notice of TU his exam center was …….. , he reach there as per the time table at 12:30, there he didn’t find his symbol number, he met concerned teacher, and the teacher said to him that “you didn’t glance at the notice that was published yesterday (just one day before his exam”) on that notice his exam center was changed rather, Rather messing up time with discussing with teacher he turned himself back and run for his new exam center.
He got the microbus, that its already 12:45 , he reached the exam center at 1:52 , he spit out himself from there and make the way for home, when I met him in his pale face I saw the glacier of tears fleeing from cheek to his neck. As I know he used to be a good student with higher mark in his exam.

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So this was the story which makes me write this post. Guys really the negligence of TU's spontaneous behavior becomes heavy for its student. TU as an oldest and high ranked university of Nepal, most of students are engaged here to graduate and to make their future bright. TU has many programs like BBS, BA, BBA, B.E, MBBS etc., and many more. Beside all this the program like BBA, B.E are running smoothly because of decentralization of authority and direct control by Dean. But the old program like BBS, BA, B.ED and their master program also have been neglected by concerned authority. As we know the academic calendars are not set for these programs, they take exam whenever they want, they publish result too late. We can find many example of negligence like I mentioned above they publish notice today and amend it tomorrow, they publish routine for the exam and amend its just before one day of examination, what all this is sufficient to worse the future of life. We don’t know that what quality want to show by the decision making body regarding exam to its student. There has been one batch waiting for their exam.  . This batch already crossed its undergraduate period of three years and yet the exam isn't fixed. The graduation programs are also taking long as its prescribed time.The students are in dilemma regarding their study. In such situation it seems like TU have not been caring anything. With a corrupted politics of the nation , TU has become corrupted though all the Dean are elected as per the interest of political reader , the student union are also seemed to act as per the interest of political leader rather acting on the safeguarding of the student. In the program like BBA, B.E and MBBS they are also suffering from politicialization from head to its forehead.

Beside all this, all we know is that TU must be there for making the future of the student who leads the future of this nation rather ruining it. All concerned body including government should pay attention on this matter. All should be clear that TU is for the education of the nation not for the politics.

I personally feel sorry for those students whose carrier chances had impaired because of the negligence of TU. May TU pay attention on this matter, may it become faithful to its student.

The most sensational, magical and Influencing Nepali software "Dristibachak" is finally released.

The most sensational, magical and Influencing software "Dristibachak" is finally released.

The Computer and Information Technology (CIT)......
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