Review and Quotes From Great Novel " The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari" By Robin Sharma

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In this world of sophistication it is more than common for all of us to be distracted from life. Our unbalanced and chaotic lifestyle left us on great distress. Happiness has another meaning and those who overlooked simplicity often miss the pleasure of it, even though they say I’m doing all this for happiness but for whose happiness are you killing your heart? Take a moment and ask yourself. Are you really doing things right? What’s your concern, probably those who surrounds you? While seeing surface people often miss the depth and neither admire its mystery nor drink the pleasure. Ask one question to yourself “How can you do well if you don’t even feel good?”

I was wondering if I could share all this, but it has been already covered in a masterpiece called “ The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” written by a well known author Robin Sharma. In this book he has beautifully presented today life, peoples work, longing, desire and how they started suffering and feels no joy. It’s a very simple novel but hard to describe what all it has covered. Simply it’s a fable about fulfilling your dreams and reaching the destiny.

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari
The main character Julian who is the well know lawyer of the country, becomes distracted with everything in his life, he feels no pleasure doing his work, he feels no respect in himself while people bow their head to him with respect. In the mean time he eventually sells his wealth, give away his richness and head to the mysterious country India for a spiritual voyaga, where he discovered his true dreams and destiny. After the restless travel in India he discovers exoticism and started exploring the fable, he eventually reaches to the Sivana and he got instructed from the masters and yogi Krishna. He learns to explore nature, admire the beauty in himself and then everything he saw, and all the ablution they perform to make their life happy, healthy. He learns many traditional techniques in Sivana. After one month of continuous practice and dedication he transforms himself in new born Julian and regains the enthusiasm.

Then he comes to the writer John who has been his colleague comes good friend and explains everything about his mysterious spiritual journey and shares the art of making life content even in this modern world. The story ended with complete self realization.
By combining magnificent stories in this novel in a very beautiful moment and sequence he has made this book outstanding.

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